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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling inspired by something you saw recently!? Share with me!
What is it?
It's a contest to get us thinking out of the {portrait} box! Do something different with your next portrait that reflects you or you and your family or is just a crazy idea that would be really fun!

Find the most inspiring idea for you own shoot, whether it be a family session, senior session, engagement session, child/children's session, whatever! Then, share it with me to enter into the contest. The idea that really inspires me (and 3 judges who are not participating) will win a free session!

What if I am the awesomest/luckiest person ever and win the session? :)

I will help you find the best location, figure out the set/props/wardrobe (unless you already have some of these things figured out), all that stuff that will help you make your shoot what you envisioned and we'll play!

You will end up with a masterpiece that YOU inspired and you will definitely want to be hanging it on your wall! :)
So what do I do to enter?
Now that you just heard about the coolest contest ever, all you have to do is get inspired and show/tell me your idea(s)! You can find ideas anywhere! Magazines, movies, books, websites, other photography sites (preferably not local), ads, anywhere!

I will be collecting all the different ideas until August 15th, and then we will decide who is the lucky winner and start planning for our exciting session!
I think my idea stinks or isn't creative enough... it makes me not want to enter...

NO idea stinks!! I don't care how crazy, ridiculous, far out there you think your idea is, it counts! I have had some pretty crazy-ridiculous-far.out.there ideas myself, and that's what makes it so fun!
So who cares, what have you got to lose??!

{ You can reach me through email or facebook to send me ideas :)
angela@linabellphotos.com or Linabell Photography on facebook }

Above are some of the ideas I found (online- really easy! Who doesn't know how to surf the web?) for my own inspired family session coming up soon.
Check out www.trendhunter.com and you can find tons of ideas!

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