Sweet Little Lucas | Otsego Newborn Photographer

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Lucas,
You amazed me with how ready you are to take in the world at 4 weeks old! Although you didn't want to sleep, we finally convinced you otherwise, and I'm so glad we did :) Your peaceful face was so fun to capture.
You are such a beautiful little boy and I'm sure you've got big plans for this world!
Thanks for spending your morning with me sweet little man :)
Yours, Truly and Forever,

M. for Max | Minneapolis Children Photographer

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Max,
I had so much fun with you today! You reminded me so much of my own little 3 year old. So inquisitive, so full of energy and always ready for a good race! You totally won by the way ;)
Thanks for spending some of your time with me this morning! It was so fun meeting you and seeing your smile!
Yours Truly and Forever,

Little Bella Boo | St. Michael Childrens Photographer

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Little Miss Bella Boo,
You are as sweet as you are beautiful, and as feisty too! You are not going to have a problem getting what you want in life, although Mom and Dad are going to have to hold the boys back! :)
I can't wait to watch you grow through the years, you have such a beautiful spirit!
Thanks for spending the morning with me dear little fairy!
Yours Truly and Forever,

Adorable H. Family | Champlin Family Photographer

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Aimee and Family,
Wow, you all made my day! You were so easy and so adorable, it was hard to stop taking your pictures! The girls are some of THE cutest girls I've ever met! I could just stuff them in my pocket and take them home :)
I hope you all had a great rest of your day, it was so much fun meeting you! Thanks for spending your morning with me!
Yours truly and forever,

John | Otsego Senior Photographer

Dear John,
It was so great to meet you and have a fun senior session!
Glad you guys were up for anything and you just rolled with it :)
I hope you enjoy your senior year and I wish you all the best with school afterwards!
I think you're going to make a great teacher someday! Nice to know that nice guys do exist! :)
Yours truly and forever!

Miss Payton | Otsego Children's Photography

Dear Miss Payton,
It was a pleasure to have met you and I just know you're going to go far in life! You have a great attitude and such an inquisitive nature about you. I think you're going to do great at whatever you set your mind to!
Thanks for coming and sharing some of your modeling poses with me! Don't ever lose that spunk!
Yours truly and forever,

Baby emerson {7 days young} | Otsego Newborn Photographer

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Emie,
You've only just arrived and you have already melted your Mom and Dad's heart, stolen Grandma's and Grandpa's... and now mine as well.

You are sweet, perfect and adorable all rolled into one tiny little bundle.
Thank you for spending some of your lounging hours with me today, Emie.
Yours truly and forever,


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