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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Well, we hosted a fabulous workshop at our studio here in the eternal tundra this week... had all sorts of plans to get outside and shoot some really great stuff, but we were ALMOST all  rained out! There was a glimmer of freezing cold hope though, first evening of the workshop, and we took these amazingly BRAVE Mom-to-be's out for some gorgeous shots!

Looking at these images, you would NEVER know it was literally 40 degrees out... these women were incredible I tell you. We were all freezing cold with our layers on, I can not begin to imagine how dang cold these ladies were! 

 And some behind the scenes of all of us warm and toasties :)

 Afterwards, we went into the hotel where we let the ladies warm up and shot some indoor maternity as well.

Day 2
We had 4 fabulous newborn models come to the studio (thank you new Mom's for bringing your new little angels! They are all absolutely precious!) With the studio heated up to about 85 degrees (except it was cooler than usual with people coming in and out of the studio) we went through several poses and different sets with the newborns, taking in all their adorableness :)

Thank you to all the models for making the workshop successful! 
Without you guys, there wouldn't have been a workshop :) 

Sending out a huge thanks to Mary Macomber and Meg Bitton (Anna & Tara too) for the workshop and excitement! You guys definitely had your fair share of crazy experiences here in MN!! I sure hope it doesn't mean you'll never come back... or maybe they won't let you guys come back! lol! 

I look forward to New York!!

Gorgeous Summer wedding | MN wedding photographer

Friday, April 11, 2014

Time has blown by so quickly, and I'm just getting around to blogging this gorgeous wedding. 

I enjoyed capturing this wedding so much, as I've watched their twins grow from about 3 months to now, it was magical seeing these two love birds tie the knot. 

With their unique ideas and free spirited feel of the wedding, it was relaxed and amazing, even though it was raining out on and off throughout the day. It stopped long enough for the wedding, and then picked back up after it was over... it was just like God held up an umbrella for them, just so they could say their I Do's. 
 Anyone could see the love between these two. 
They have a pretty awesome story, and I am honored I was able to capture it for them...


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