Hello beautiful | St. Michael Newborn Photographer

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a gorgeous family I'm telling ya! 
They made my job so easy - I love what I do :)
Some of my favorites from this amazing session...

(And yes, It's ok to hate her... she really did just have this baby!)

Babies Babies Babies | Buffalo Newborn Photographer

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh how I love all these babies I've been having in the studio! :) 
How can you resist such yummy newborn goodness!?
I am so so bad about blogging, I get a little behind on it, then vow that I'm going to catch up... the cycle continues... ;)
So here's one of many recent newborns to come! 
Sweet little girl... so precious.

Yay! Let the outdoor sessions begin... | Maple Grove Photographer

Monday, April 18, 2011

We started this session indoors, and thankfully the weather was beautiful (albeit a little chilly) so we were able to take a little jaunt around the studio and find some cool spots to sit for some outdoor shots! I LOVE the area around the studio, I just need to do some more searching, and find all the little hidden treasure spots! :)

Thanks for being such an easy family to photograph and up for whatever!

Happy 1st Birthday D & L! | Andover Childrens Photographer

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let me start this post by saying I learned two things at my session this morning... 
1. Parents of twins are superhuman!
2. You never know when getting two twin 1-year-old boys NAKED will make them happy as clams! :) hahaha!

Had such a great time with all these kiddos today... The twins and their sister and their cousins came at the end as well :) All cute as can be of course. Mom did such a great time picking out all these adorable outfits... little did she know they would be super happy when she shed all the clothes... ;) hahaha- Whatever works! 
I love those naked little tushies anyway! Thanks so much for coming out to the studio today!  Enjoy your sneak peek :) 

Sweet Broderick baby | Andover Newborn Photographer

Monday, April 11, 2011

Such a sweet baby boy... his skin is some of the creamiest, yummiest newborn skin I've seen! 
What a doll... and he was perfectly sweet and sleepy :) Wanting to snuggle with Mommy any chance he got.
Thanks for venturing out during the first week of your life little B. Man! Can't wait to watch you grow :)

May Special!! | St. Michael Photographer

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Since I have gotten some new templates for these ADORABLE 3x3 mini-accordion books, I thought I'd put together a little 
special for the month of May! 

Anyone who books a weekday regular portrait session (studio, outdoor, newborn, kids, family, whatever!) for the month of May will get a FREE 3x3 accordion mini book from your session! 

Check 'em out... 
They're magnetic too, so you can stick 'em on the fridge 
or in your purse!


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