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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ok, so I usually don't blog a session for a couple weeks after the session, but I couldn't resist posting some of these beauties! The lighting was oh-so-perfect tonight, and the little L man was all smiles (after we warmed him up a little bit)! Between slapping away all the bugs (they were BAA-AAAD) and dabbing beads of sweat (ok, yes, a little hot) we still managed to have an AWESOME session! 
Thanks so much N family for coming out and sticking it out with the nasty mosquitos!  
You'll be able to remember these days of life when there were only 3... and one in the oven :)

Sassy in the City | St. Michael Photographer

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Miss Meredith is such an awesome model, she does so good :) With those gorgeous blue peepers and the blond hair, she's such a doll (and not to mention, her mom picks out the CUTEST stuff)! 

We went into 'the city' (ok, not downtown, but a city different than our own :) hahaha) for her session and we had so much fun, scouring the city, trying to find little nooks and cool spots.

We did make a little Subway stop in the middle to refuel little Miss M., and then we were on our way again... just gave her a little boost to catch some of my favorite shots at the end of our evening.

Thanks for our little adventure! 
Always a joy with you guys! :)

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Sweet Little Emie Love

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love this little blue eyed babe... almost as much as her mama :)
Such a doll, she makes the cutest little faces... then the camera comes up... and she goes blank! hahaha
She had us working hard ... looking like fools, jumping all around making crazy noises and dancing... all in a days work :) 
She was all about her cake too... some kids get it on their fingers and then they freak out a little (surprisingly that's what my always crazy now-4-year-old did), but not Emie! She was so into it, wiping it all over her clothes and the floor, and then scooping it back up and putting it in her mouth! hahaha

Sigh... I Must say (again)... I love my job!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!!!

Fall Mini-Sessions | St. Michael Photographer

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Even though I'm booking into October, I am still having a hard time believing (or maybe just not WANTING to believe) that fall is coming up already!
Summer's are just way too short here in MN... although I love the fall weather so much, I would be happy if it would stick around a lot longer!

{If you're interested in signing up for a fall mini-session, shoot me an email. They book fast and are limited.}

9:30 - BOOKED
10:30 - BOOKED


1:30 - BOOKED
2 - open
2:30 -BOOKED
3 - open
3:30 - BOOKED

Ohh, where have all the lovely flowers gone...?

I love finding little nooks where there are these gorgeous flowers blooming (er, maybe itch weed, I don't know, but it's pretty anyway)! It seems like these spots appear and then disappear almost as fast... 

So glad I found this little gem of a spot for a couple sessions, even though I ended up getting poison ivy ... It was totally worth it ;)

My family ...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally, some new pictures of my  own family! :) Yay!
I exchanged family sessions with a photographer friend of mine (she did the shooting, and I did the editing), but what I wasn't counting on was the 90+ degree weather we've been having! 
I had already picked out outfits for the boys (love layers... what can I say?? I'm horrible! I still made them wear it) so needless to say there was some MAJOR bribery going on for this session. Of course Caleb (my youngest) doesn't quite understand bribery 100% yet, Kaden does, and thank God for that! I think I probably had to bribe Chad too, because he's a bigger baby than the 2 boys put together.

The boys ended up doing a great job, AND they got ice cream and lots of PEZ... totally worth it ;)

Sooo, in the end, if your big day is coming up and it's one of those super duper hot and muggy days,  don't fret. Just promise lots of ice cream (and bring some extra dry clothes, because you might be a little sticky) and you'll be good to go! :)

Here's my collage I just ordered in a 30x30 canvas... 
loooove :)

Some recents... | St. Michael Photographer

I've got so many sessions I'm catching up on right now... so more blog posts to come, but trying to get some up for now :) 

Huge thanks to you all!! 
You make my job so incredibly wonderful :)

Holiday Cards... yes, seriously

Monday, July 11, 2011

I know, I know, who wants to think about winter yet!? It's finally feeling like summer... BUT, I am thinking ahead for you :) So no worries, I've got you covered!
Just a couple of the bunches that I've been making for this year... 
more to come 

Sweet family after my own heart... her name is also Angie, and her older sons name is Caden (although my Kaden is with a K, still love the name!) With their newest little bundle's arrival, they're now a beautiful family of 4. 
Had so much fun with you all! Enjoy :)


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