my beautiful friend...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is one of my closest friends and her adorable family... 
I wanted girls of my own so bad (I got two boys who I adore instead ;)) so the next best thing is for my girlfriend's to have girls! I still get to enjoy all their adorableness... without the drama :) lol- so I've been told anyway! 
My sweet 'Aba' told her Mommy tonight,
"Mommy, I like Angie... she's a beautiful princess....but I don't like pictures"- hahaha- Just when I thought I had her fooled... you'd never know that she didn't like them though! She's so stinking cute... and got tons of candy to cooperate :) What in the world would a parent do without bribery?? Seriously :) 

Love you guys!! What a beautiful night :)

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