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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

** Extended Family Mini-Sessions! **
May 7th - Beach sessions  |  May 8th - Field Sessions
(Average temp. is 67º this time of year, we will schedule the following week if either date is rained out)

Frankly, I don't offer extended family sessions very often... but since I do get a lot of inquiries for them, this is the BEST solution! 
I'm excited to offer these this year!

How many times does Mom want a big group picture, but it's just a pain in the B to try to get everyone together, and then who wants to go try and get everyone in a studio with the whole family!
I know how long it takes to plan ahead for just your OWN family, but trying to coordinate a large group can take some time! Make sure you PLAN AHEAD, get your time and locations set up, and then start talking clothes and coordinating.
Best to pick around 3-5 colors, and have everyone stay in that color scheme and mix it up, with patterns, textures, and pops of those colors throughout! Makes for a very interesting (and not matchy matchy) image, something you can blow up and cherish for a long time! I have loads of pinterest inspirations and ideas for outfits, so if you're looking for ideas, let me know! I'm happy to help out!

I look forward to meeting all your lovely families and have some fun! 

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