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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I don't post much from my own life on here, and it's a goal of mine this year to capture more moments from my own family's life... Now that my boys are a little older, it's easier to carry around my camera and just step back some and watch.

My oldest turned 7 recently, and it has just flown by. We had an awesome birthday party at SkyZone... so perfect for getting energy drained out of these kids! 
I can't believe we're rounding the corner to the end of 1st grade, and my youngest starting all day kindergarten. I tell new parents at pretty much every newborn session how fast it goes, and I know I was told when I was first having kids. I guess you just don't realize it until you turn around, and your kids are both in school how fast those first years go! My, how I miss the chubby cheeks, and the wobbly first steps. We've come into a whole new age now, with school drama, missing teeth, and inviting girls from school to birthday parties. It's all new to me, and I still can't believe how old it makes me feel some days. I am so grateful for these amazing boys, and how healthy and happy they are! They are like energizer bunnies- and I so wish I could bottle their energy in a pill! If you know me at all though, you probably know I heart my coffee, and I am not sure how I would make it through a day without. lol... Or maybe I just wouldn't want to :

On a side note, when working on personal images, I can stray from my usual editing a little, and have some fun. A great place to find some awesome actions, textures and other tutorials is the coffeeshop blog
You can find it here:

 I was having a little fun with the CoffeeShop Soft Velvet Matte FREE action from the blog. There is a lot of free stuff on there, and if you love it, show her some love and donate a little for sharing her hard work and talent with everyone for free :)

Hope everyone had an awesome St. Patty's Day this year, and is staying warm... I'm about so sick of the snow here in MN, I'm ready to move...  like I say every year... 

 Kaden had their 100th day at school, where they can dress up like an old man/woman. So he wanted to look old :) hahaha, which meant of course he needed a mustache


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