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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OK, so pretty much every time I've blogged in the past, oh I don't know, since I've been blogging really, I comment on how bad I've been at blogging, and THIS year I'm going to get better blah blah...and it's always my intention, however...

Here's the truth... I hate blogging... dread it. 

I've tried to take steps to make it quicker and easier, but it's just really something I dread doing, so all of these sessions are sitting on my external hard drives and I never really share much from them :( When I think about it though, it seems silly really, to keep them all to myself and my awesome clients, when I LOVE what I do so much and all these beautiful families come to see me with their gorgeous little kids, and I DO really want to share it :) Ugh... so here we are again, I'm going to TRY and get better at blogging, I'm going to try and blog more... try and try again :)

On another note, I'm having some bunny Easter Mini-Sessions! 
Here are the details-- scoop up a spot if you want it! 
They're limited :)

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